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    There are 4 (four) main ways to increase your rewards as a panelist:

    • Join SimmonsConnect: earn cash gift and cashpoints when you become a new panelist
    • Double/Triple Play Points: earn extra cashpoints when you join multiple subpanels (smartphone, tablet, PC)
    • Extended Stay Milestone Points: earn cash gift and extra cashpoints as a 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months anniversary
    • On-the-Reg Points: earn extra cashpoints when you deliver daily activity via the SimmonsConnect app for 30 consecutive days

  2. ELIGIBILITY. Cash Gifts or CashPoints are available to past Simmons Survey participants who have joined the SimmonsConnect Panel in response to a Simmons special email or mail invitation. The opportunity to participate in the Panel is specific to the household invited and is non-transferable to other households.

  3. HOW IT WORKS. When a newly recruited panelist has been confirmed as an installed "active" panelist for any subpanel, he/she is sent a cash gift and awarded bonus points. The more panels he/she joins the higher the rewards. The longer he/she stays the more points earned.

    The table below shows the cash gift and the points awarded to a new panelist.

    PANELIST DESCRIPTION SUBPANEL Cash Gift Bonus Points within subpanels
    Single Panelist
    (any 1 subpanel)
    PC $10 100
    Phone $10 100
    Tablet $10 100
    Dual Panelist
    (any 2 subpanels)
    PC & Phone $25 200
    PC & Tablet $25 200
    Tablet & Phone $25 200
    Triple Play Panelist
    (all 3 subpanels)
    PC, Phone, Tablet $50 600

  4. BONUS REWARDS FOR EXTENDED STAY: As an active panel member you will automatically receive CashPoints every month through CashConnections, our members-only rewards program. You can redeem your CashPoints at any time for cash that will be sent by check to the address we have in your profile. The longer you stay connected, the faster you'll earn CashPoints. A panelist must be active [sending data across 14 consecutive days] to qualify for bonus points each month.

    The table below shows the points that are awarded to a panelist who meets the bonus points criteria for each qualifying month and the Milestone Points earned for each 3-months anniversary.

    Automatic CashPoints Rewards
    (Monthly Points Earned & Milestone Anniversary Bonus Points Program)
    Qualifying Month Points Earned Each Qualifying Month Accumulated Points Anniversary Bonus Points
    1 100 100  
    2 100 200  
    3 100 300 2,000 = $10
    4 100 400  
    5 100 500  
    6 100 600 3,000 = $15
    7 100 700  
    8 100 800  
    9 100 900 5,000 = $25
    10 100 1,000  
    11 100 1,100  
    12 100 1,200 10,000 = $50

    Once your CashConnection account balance reaches 1,000 CashPoints you can easily redeem for your cash reward by clicking on the "Redeem" button from the Members Area dashboard. CashPoints can be redeemed in increments of 1,000.

    Here's how much cash your CashPoints are worth.........

    1,000 points = $ 5.00
    3,000 points = $ 15.00
    5,000 points = $ 25.00
    7,000 points = $ 35.00
    10,000 points = $ 50.00

  5. ON-THE-REG POINTS: As a thank you for being a consistently active panelist, after 30 days of consecutive data, your Cash Connections account will be credited with 1,000 CashPoints. You can double your On-the-Reg Bonus Points by sending 30 days of consecutive data as a Double Play Panelist (enrolled in 2 sub panels), a cash value of $10 and triple your On-the-Reg Bonus Points by sending 30 days of consecutive data as a Triple Play Panelist (enrolled in 3 sub panels) with a cash value of $15.