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How It Works

SimmonsConnect is an innovative, invitation-only research study conducted by Simmons Research, the Voice of the American Consumer™ for over 60 years. Joining this study is an exclusive opportunity to be part of something new and will give you the chance to shape the internet, making it more relevant for you and others.

Joining our national research panel is easy. To join, click on "Let's Get Started." You will be asked to fill out a short qualification form where we will ask you questions about your internet usage, including how you and your household members use computers, smartphones, and tablets. Because this is an exclusive, invitation-only study we will also ask for your contact information only for the purpose of confirming that you received an invitation to join the panel. Once you join the panel, we will send you a personal download link to install a safe and secure research application (app) onto your eligible devices.

Earn rewards for using your PC, smartphone, or tablet the way you always do. Our app will not interfere with how you use your device. Once the app has been installed you will receive a welcome email for each device installed and to confirm your initial cash payment of up to $50 is on its way. For each month that you stay on the panel, you will automatically be eligible to receive cash rewards every month. There are even more ways you can earn additional CashPoints rewards.

Help companies, colleges, and university researchers understand how mobile devices and the internet influence our everyday lives. Reports are created from data compiled from panelists like you from all over the United States, with individual identifying information removed.

CashPoints Rules: Click here for information on how to earn points.